We are specialists of International sales: our senior Experts have a long standing experience of sales and export in Italy, Europe, North America and Asia, covering over 40 countries.

We have a very wide network of contacts and partners in Italy and all around the globe.

We can search for customers, agents, brokers, distributors, salesmen for single areas or we can develop from scratch a full sales and export network. When needed we can start up a sales organization and develop it on behalf of our customers, training and following the staff till the moment they are ready to stand alone efficiently, or we can take care of their sales starting from agency or trading.

We are operational Experts: we actually go and physically meet customers where and when needed.

We create sales opportunities for Italian companies that want to export their goods as well for foreign companies that wish to sell their products in Italy and other European areas.

Our consultants are very skilled and they gave birth to several sales networks in Italy and abroad, working with international prestige brands and industries: they have an extensive CV and are always ready to evaluate new tailored solutions for our customers.

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